3d Fit Studio


Premium Classes

Premium classes are new specialty classes that are offered in addition to the regular group training classes. They have been developed for higher calorie burning and are priced on an individual basis. Below is a description of the premium classes.

 Butt, Legs and Thighs

A lot of times your legs are the power movers and inhibit other muscles to fire. This class technique will train your lower back, abs, glutes, hamstrings and all four quads to strike. The result is a toned look without adding size!

Friday @ 10:00am

BLT: 4 sessions $45 - Good for 60 days


 Sexy Back and Arms

Learn how to target every muscle and work through full range and functional motion! This class is designed by Donna to specifically eliminate lifting big muscle groups and give a more toned look! You will still have all the benefits and rewards of weight training such as upper body strength, increased metabolism and increased bone density.

Wednesday @ 10:00am and Thursday @ 5:00pm

Sexy Back & Arms: 4 sessions $45
Good for 60 days


 Learn To Dance

Love Salsa Jam but don't know the dances. We will slow it down and break it down the moves. I will show you how I come up with the dances, how everything is on an eight count frame, and how to hear the frame in the music. We will break down all the choreography and go through all the salsa moves and what they mean.

Learn To Dance - $15 for Members and Non-Members


 Beginning Yoga with Meilssa

Experience the many benefits of yoga in a basic beginner's class. Yoga helps to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, create a sense of balance in the body, build strength, and increase flexibility. The same basic postures and sequences will be followed in each class so that everyone will become familiar with each pose.

Tuesday @ 8:00pm

Beginning Yoga with Melissa:
Members - 7 sessions $35
Yoga with Melissa:
Non-members - 7 sessions $84