3d Fit Studio


Unlimited Classes

Unlimited group exercise classes offer the opportunity to work out with 3d fit trainers in a variety of physical fitness classes and have a lot of fun! Aerobics has come a long way, and we offer all the old-time favorites along with the latest trends and cutting edge options. We also offer nutritional advice to help you optimize your goals.

Turbo Sculpt

This Totally Turbo workout features innovative new body-sculpting moves to shape lean, sexy muscles from head to toe! Keep the party going with more of everything you love- kickboxing, body-slimming and sculpting moves, hot music, and most of all, fun! Jenna will fire up your calorie-blasting results so you carve tight, ripped abs.

Core Advantage

The secret behind the Core Advantage is an advanced training technique used in extreme athletics which accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and you never get bored! Whether you want to get lean, lose body fat, or just plain get ripped, there's an endless variety of exercises to mix and match to keep you motivated the full hour every week!

Bender Ball

Each ab sculpting move puts you in the perfect position for results. Combined effective method of Selective Stabilization in your hips and thigh, it cranks up the intensity and targets your abdominal muscles from all sides.


Salsa-Jam fuses hypnotic Latin and Hip Hop rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Our goal is simple: We want you to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked. Salsa-Jam Fanatics achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life! You will not be able to get enough! One hour of dancing fun that melts away your hips, abs and thighs!


Experience the exhilaration of riding as you pump to hard-driving music. Burn up to 500 calories in 40 minutes! This high intensity hour also includes a concentrated 15-minute ab workout. Work at your own pace and let your instructor guide you through an incredible ride.

Cardio Kickboxing

Are you looking for a workout that totally kicks butt? High intensity and high impact. Kickboxing combines martial arts, boxing and aerobics for overall conditioning and toning. Moves include kicks, punches and knee strikes using stationary bags. End the workout with a relaxing cool-down of stretching.

Unlimited Class Pricing

1. Unlimited Classes: 6 months for $200.00 or 1 year $350.00; no registration fee required.

2. Sign 1 year contract for Unlimited Classes to hit on 1st or 15th of each month for $35.00; $25 registration fee required.

3. Purchase 1 month Unlimited Class pass a la carte for $65.00.

4. Any single class requires a drop in fee of $12.00.

All fitness classes are one hour long unless otherwise noted.